the result is fake air max because there is no time to delay for so long

Members of the students, the commencement of the ……… Recently too busy, had promised to say that we need more finishing some NIKE

Shoes target information, the result is because there is no time to delay for so long, please understand … ah … just today’s holiday, so seize the time, after 2010, nike new shoes out of the subject of some of the information rearranged, made a Complete tutorial, teach you how to identify nike new shoes superscript true and false, and hope to be useful to you …

O (∩ _ ∩) o Well, began formal school, please make a cup of coffee, move a stool, and then took out a pen and paper, do a good job in class notes Oh!

My first sentence:

Shoes marked true, the shoes are not necessarily true, but the shoes standard false, shoes must be false!

For 2010, Nike shoes out of the new standard, I think we will certainly not unfamiliar, but the real so that we can tell the true and false, I think a lot of people, is still in a “little knowledge” stage, so We start with the basics.

Basic structure Figure 1

Oh, that “Nike bar sdy316” is my own plus, do not mind, please be sure to grasp the basic composition of shoes: factory code, size bar, date, number, production country, bar code area.

Next, we start from the basic composition of these, to learn the knowledge of new shoes nike.

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