professional replica air max athletes for the design of innovative sports shoes image

Nike was founded in 1962, the original company called the Blue Ribbon sporting goods company, the main sporting goods, in 1972, the company changed its name to Nike, headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. The company specializes in designing high-quality running shoes specifically for athletes. Felipe Knight, the founder, produces high-tech running shoes for runners at competitive prices. Since then, the company is committed to professional athletes for the design of innovative sports shoes image, making it in the US consumers gradually have a large number of “followers.”

The company produces a wide range of sporting goods: clothing, footwear, sports equipment and so on. Fiscal year 2002, the company’s operating income reached a record $ 4.98 billion, compared with fiscal year 2001, an increase of 2%. Nike with its impressive performance confirms its founder Bill Bowerman once said: “As long as you have the body, you are an athlete, and as long as there are athletes in the world, Nike will continue to develop Growth. “STP marketing strategy:

1. Market segmentation

Nike company mainly produces sporting goods, including all kinds of shoes, sportswear, Huju, and so on. In addition to professional sporting goods, Nike also produces biased sports color leisure products, such as the classic Blaze shoes. To age, Nike will be the main market positioning in the young. Young people like sports, the pursuit of fashion, a strong sense of brand identity, while Nike will also focus on the market positioning in a certain income-based middle-aged white-collar workers, their lives are more affluent, high quality of life for the desire to exercise and consumption strong ability. To the level of income, Nike products for almost all income classes, with the general improvement of people’s living standards, increase physical activity has become a life trend. Therefore, Nike seize this opportunity to launch a variety of price of sporting goods, to meet the different income of the sports enthusiasts.

To the type of occupation, Nike is not rigidly adhere to a certain range, but unavoidable for any professional sports enthusiasts are designed and produced a variety of sporting goods. From the Olympic Games to participate in the world’s most professional athletes, down to the simple sports enthusiasts, Nike can find their own sporting goods. On the whole, Nike’s market is mainly targeted at young people who love sports and fashion, middle-aged and high-income groups desire the movement of older people, which is characterized by like sports, the product appearance and performance requirements are higher.

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the result is fake air max because there is no time to delay for so long

Members of the students, the commencement of the ……… Recently too busy, had promised to say that we need more finishing some NIKE

Shoes target information, the result is because there is no time to delay for so long, please understand … ah … just today’s holiday, so seize the time, after 2010, nike new shoes out of the subject of some of the information rearranged, made a Complete tutorial, teach you how to identify nike new shoes superscript true and false, and hope to be useful to you …

O (∩ _ ∩) o Well, began formal school, please make a cup of coffee, move a stool, and then took out a pen and paper, do a good job in class notes Oh!

My first sentence:

Shoes marked true, the shoes are not necessarily true, but the shoes standard false, shoes must be false!

For 2010, Nike shoes out of the new standard, I think we will certainly not unfamiliar, but the real so that we can tell the true and false, I think a lot of people, is still in a “little knowledge” stage, so We start with the basics.

Basic structure Figure 1

Oh, that “Nike bar sdy316” is my own plus, do not mind, please be sure to grasp the basic composition of shoes: factory code, size bar, date, number, production country, bar code area.

Next, we start from the basic composition of these, to learn the knowledge of new shoes nike.

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